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Marie Szersnovicz

Roll i Riddar Blåskägg & Judith:
Scenografi och kostym

“Opera is an incomparable and complete experience unlike any other where the spectator has the opportunity to feel and live an experience.”

Födelseort: Brest (France)
Bostadsort: Gent (Belgium)
Utbildning: Haute Ecole d’Art du Rhin, Master II, scenography and costume design, Strasbourg, France, 2005.

Tre jobb i urval: I like to work on different scales for more prestigious or more modest adventures. Each show is an adventure. I have been lucky enough to work in prestigious houses like the Bolshoi in Moscow, the International Festival of Lyric Art d’Aix en Provence in France or La Monnaie in Belgium for which I am preparing a show next season but I also like to create gems in more confidential venues in Belgium.

Den största utmaningen i min yrkesroll: The wide range of qualities required: from the most abstract dramaturgical dialogue, to the smallest costumes or props details to be defined, to taking into account the many technical, time and financial constraints.

Malin Bång/Bartóks musik får mig att känna: I am very curious and very excited to hear the juxtaposition of these two radically different worlds. The strength and radicalness of Bartók and the subtle finesse of Malin Bång.

Riddar Blåskägg & Judith i tre ord: Disorder, demultiplication, fantasy.

Så skulle jag beskriva min roll i Riddar Blåskägg & Judith In dialogue with the artistic team since the very beginning of the project, I am in charge of the visual aspects of this singular work where the point of view is that of a mature Judith who has gone through these ordeals and re-enacts them in a phantasmatic way.

Varför gå på opera? Opera is an incomparable and complete experience unlike any other where the spectator has the opportunity to feel and live an experience. The physical proximity of the singing voice is a unique and powerful source of emotion in a world where we are too often limited to a 2D vision. It is an experience of the flesh, of each pore of our skin. A real journey.

Drömjobb: I wish I had the talent of an opera singer to feel from the inside the effect of the power of the singing voice while playing a character!

Här kan du läsa mer om mig: Mariesz.org

Foto: Youri Dirkx


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