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About Folkoperan


Folkoperan is the small opera house for everyone. We are driven by the determination to develop the art of opera, through new expression and unexpected interfaces. We work across artistic borders with opera and explore our age in depth through narrative. And we sing mostly in Swedish. This enables us to come closer to our audience, closer to the story being told and to create new perspectives. At Folkoperan you can experience fearless opera, in its own way.

Folkoperan is situated in Stockholm, Sweden.


The founders of Folkoperan had a vision of making opera something for everyone. A vision we have been nurturing since 1976. We are passionate about bringing opera to a wider audience irrespective of age, background or experience. At Folkoperan we create opera that everyone can relate to in their own way. Opera that becomes people’s opera and a platform for introspection and how you see the world.


The art of opera was born in the early 17th Century, when people began to bring music, theatre and dance together under one roof. From day one at Folkoperan we have viewed opera in this way, as a place to bring together different forms of art. We are driven by a desire to renew the art of opera and reflect our times by being open to different expressions and curious about bringing them together. When you dare to experiment with ideas and art forms you can create new worlds. This kind of opera is part of its age and develops in tandem with it.


In an age of constant impressions the art of opera needs to have a voice of its own and be prepared to stand out. We believe in opera that refuses to bow to convention. Opera that refuses to acknowledge boundaries and which demonstrates artistic daring. We want to inspire people to dare to feel, dare to show and dare to tell. A kind of opera that can challenge narrow minded views of art, society and people.

Welcome to Folkoperan – fearless opera that investigates, develops and challenges contemporary society.


Folkoperan was founded in 1976 as an independent music and theatre group. Since 1993 our working structure has been as a theatre institute. This means that Folkoperan receives annual funding from the Swedish Arts Council, Stockholm County Council and the City of Stockholm.

The Folkoperan management consists of Monica Fredriksson Tal (Managing Director), Tobias Theorell (Artistic Director) and Henrik Schaefer (Music Director, Chief Conductor).

Stiftelsen Folkoperan (The Folkoperan Foundation) is the sole shareholder in Folkoperan AB. Folkoperan is managed by Folkoperan AB.


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